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TEMPERATURES San Rafael noon today ........ 54 High yesterday 64, low today 43

RAINFALL Total rainfall to date ........ 28 47 Last year this date .............22.64 Seasonal average ................34.8 7

No. 30

2nd Sausalito Fire Linked To Break-In

Heirlooms Missing After

Flames Doused In House

Fire broke out and a burglary was uncovered at the home of Robert L. Spiegl and R. John Hutchings at 156 Harrison street, Sausalito, at 4:35 p.m. yesterday— just 16 hours after a fire and burglary at Bauman Brothers and Dick Miller Associates shop at Sausalito yacht harbor.

Spiegl said today that at least $2,000 worth of heir­ looms belonging to Dr. Hutch-

DONALD I). LEISTER Chosen from big field

Ross Trustees

Select New

Schools Chief

Ross School Board n umbers last night chose a new superin­ ten dent for the district: Donald D. Leister, 29. now principal of a school in San Jose. He will replace Stephen Pa- rodi. who will move to the San Anselmo School District as su­ perintendent on July 1. Leister now is principal of Jefferson School in the San Jose Unified School District. He has been with the district for six years and has been prin ­ cipal for three years. Leister and his wife, Shirley, have three young sons. He is a graduate of the Uni­ versity of California at Santa Barbara, received h’s master’s degree from San Jose State College, and took further grad­ uate work at Stanford Univer­ sity. He served with the 11th Air­ born e Division in Japan from 19 46 to '48 . and in Korea in 19 50-’51. Leister was chosen by the hoard from more than 7 0 can­ didates. Final selection w a s made from five candidates whom the board chose for in­ terviews. Parodi has been superin ten ­ den t for eight years. Previously he was principal of Park School in Mill Valley.

ings were burned in the fire. He estimated that about $500 worth of personal items were stolen. These included such things as a portable typewriter, camera, overnight bag. binocu­ lars and a clock radio. There was also Spiegl said, smoke damage to the basement storeroom where the fire took place, as well as loss in family books and papers belonging to Dr. Hutchings.

ARSON PROBE Fire Chief Mathew J. (Matts) Perry said it looked as if some­ one had entered the home, gone upstairs to pick up some articles out of Spiegl's bed­ room. taken the articles and. then upon leaving, dropped a match or a cigarette into the books in the basement store­ room. He said an arson investi­ gation was under way today. “We're going to comb the neighborhood,” Perry said. Police Chief Howard Goerndt said his department also has started an investigation. On an initial investigation, he said, it was hard to tell whether a fore- ! ed entry was made since fire­ men had to break a door to get in to fight the fire in what is called the old Shoobcrt house. (The home was once owned by Fanny Shoobcrt. who now lives in San Anselmo.)

DISCOVERS FIRE The fire was discovered by Mrs. Tom Mathews of 148 Har­ rison street at about 4:30 p.m. It was lucky the neighbor next door spotted the smoke.” Perry said, “or there wouldn't be anything left of the house.” There was no one home at the time. Perry said there was nothing highly inflammable, such as paint cans or oil rags, in the

f storeroom. S pi e g l , an employee of Schwabacher-Frey Co., S a n Francisco stationers, said many of the items destroyed were personal property very hard to be evaluated in money.” The firemen had the fire un ­ der control in 10 minutes. Chief Goerndt said today that “we are sure that it wa? burglary at the Bauman Broth­ ers and Dick Miller Associates shop at the yacht harbor, but we don’t know if the fire was set to cover up-for it.” The fire, which was estimat­ ed to have caused $45.000 in damage, broke out early yes- See FIRE, page 4




Light rain began falling in Marin before noon today, and the Weather Man pre­ dicted more of the same in­ termittently through tomor­ row. The showers were brought by a small storm curving in from the sea, the U.S. Weath­ er Bureau said. The forecaster said the snow line in the mountains would be at about 5,000 feet. Small craft warnings were flying on the coast for south­ erly winds of 23 and 34 m.p.h, and fresh southeast winds were predicted for the high mountains and inland valleys.

Brown Claims

He's Unable To

Save Chessman

SACRAMENTO Gov. Ed­ mund G. Brown today all but ruled out executive clemency that would save Caryl Chess­ man from execution next Mon­ day. I am constitutionally now prohibited f r o m extending clemency,” he said. Brown said he's still con­ vinced that Chessman is guilty of the kidnap-robbery-sex char­ ges which brought the death sentence 12 years ago. Some material has been pre­ sented to hjm this week through clemency secretary Ce­ cil Poole, he said. But he said that he finds it contains noth­ ing to change his conviction as to Chessman’s guilt. The governor, described by Chessman's attorneys as the prisoner's last hope, read to newsmen a section of the state constitution which says: “Neither the governor nor the legislature shall have power to grant pardons, or commu­ tation of sentence, in any case where the ?onvict has been twice convicted of a felony, unless upon written recommen­ dation of a majority of the judges of the Supreme Court.” Brown noted that Chessman had eight prior felonies; that the court twice refused to rec­ ommen d clemency. Under any reasonable con­ cept of what is intended by the Constitution. I am power­ less,” he said. (See story on Chessman on page 6 )

Rhees Resignation Expected

Rebellion Topples Regime

Political Aides Join

In Demands He Quit

SEOUL, South Korea (Wednesday) (U PI)~Presiden t Syn gman Rhee’s forces crumbled before a historic un ­ armed rebellion today. Expectations moun ted he would step down from po\yer at any min ute and submit his and Korea's future to a new election.

Rhee captiulated yesterday (Tuesday) to his out­ raged populace an d promised to quit if the people de­ sire" but this was not en ough and new riots erupted throughout Korea. A mob of 100,000 laid siege to the barricaded presidential palace i

KOREANS SPARE U. S. FLAG— Stu­ den t demon strators in Seoul, South Korea, yesterday pillaged the home of Lee Ki-Poong, con troversial vice president-elect, but spared a U. S.

flag at the scene. Demon strators are shown as they carefully folded the flag before han din g it to a U. S. n ews­ paper photographer. (AP Wirephoto via radio)

Court Action

Considered In

Expense Case

San Anselmo School[ District.|elenients in Washington’s Kor- trustecs may ¡ ^ u f ean colony threatened to seize action in an attempt to force ^ embassy with the aid of

Korea Envoy Bows To Threat, Quits

W A SHIN GTON (UPD— Sout h Korea's ambassador resigned today shortly after anti-Rhee

payment of travel expenses of

I am submitting my resignation to the government. I am send­ ing a telegram to the acting foreign minister, Mr. Huh Chung.” Koh said he made his threat to oust Yang with the support of Korean students and resi- ‘nHi i Korean military trainees here, three super,n en den t candt- ( Ambassador You chan g Y a n g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

dates iom pin i , . 1 acknowledged that he received dents in Washington as well as Trustees PhilipS. Bwidschu a M .hour ultimatum t0 quit nf Korcan troops underg01ng _ -...a .j T4 f special training here.

Among the Korean troops in

and Robert W day the possibility will be dis­ cussed. The hoard's next regu­ lar meeting will be May 9. County Supt. Virgil S. Hol­ lis. whose office handles pay­ ment of San Anselmo district accounts against warran ts is­ sued by the school board, has

or be ousted. It came from Koh Byong-Choll, a long-time leader here of forces opposing Korean President Rhee. Yang said, however, that he

the Washington area of 39

De Gaulle To Visit Here

Tomorrow On Bay Tour

French President Charles de Gaulle will be a brief Marin County visitor tomorrow after­ noon. After receiving a gay and tumultuous spring-day greet­ ing with ticker tape in New York this morning after his second trans-Atlantic arrival— I he first was in 19 45 when he came as provisional president at the war’s en d—he will fly into San Francisco Interna­ tional Airport at 11:50 a.m. to­ morrow aboard an Air Force jet from Washington. San Francisco hopes to pro-’ Vide even more ticker tape and all-around f u n du r i n g de will include a crowded sched- Gaulle’s two-day stay, w h i c h will include a crowded sched­ ule of receptions, interviews an d tours. Plans include a bay t o u r from Sausalito starting about 4 p.m. tomorrow.

He will drive a :ross the Gol­ den Gate Bridge to the Army Engin eers’ dock, board a Coast Guard vessel and see Marin’s green hills from the water— along with such other details as San Francisco, Alcatraz and Angel Islands and the East Bay. Just how visibility will be is still uncertain with slightly discouraging word of a small storm due to bring intermittent rain tomorrow. In Manhattan, greetings in­ cluded playing of the Marsel- laise by chimes of famed Old Trinity Church, while the 6- feet-4 de Gaulle stood in ap open limousine and beamed on the crowds in spring sunshine. San Francisco wiil provide an out-sized bed eight« feet long at the Mark Hopkins H o t e l where Gov. Edmun d G. Brown will visit the sumptuous suite tomorrow afternoon before the Sausalito trip.

Neglected Baby Moved To Hospital

An eight-month-old San Ra­ fael boy, ill. bruised and neg­ lected in his squalid quarters, enjoyed his new “home” at San Rafael General Hospital today in a clean crib. Little Guy Fields, son of Richard and Diana N. Fields of 9 22 B street, was taken from his makeshift, arm-chair bed last night after complaints from neighbors. The case came to the atten ­ tion of police about 7 p.m. when a neighbor called to report that the baby was being neglected. Johnnie O. Howe, about 29 . of 9 22 B street, told Officer Leland Ahern that Mrs. Fields had asked him to care for the baby yesterday morning but had not been home all day. Howe said ne heard that the mother was at a Fourth street bar. Police said the child had large bruise marks on both sides of his face, is suffering from an ear infection and has a chest congestion. The infant was bathed and cleaned at the neighboring apartmen t of Mrs. Marie Jewel Van Winkle, then admitted to the hospital. Officers said the Fields apart­ ment was a mess, with beer bot­ tles and dirty linen and bed­ ding strewn about. The child had been placed in a large arm chair pushed against the wall to form a makeshift bed, the officers reported. Officer Earl Christensen said he received a telephone call this morning from Mrs. Fields, who wanted to know where her baby was. The officer refer­ red her to the probation office,

Syngman . army mcn 37 0f them officers ¡attending the U. S. Army En- o | gineers School at nearby Ft. had decided independently to Belvoir y a and several mili- -u nnani n asrres^ n » kecause ^ad f°un(l j tarv doctors at service medical , <■ he was wrong in believing that punters refused to issue warran ts for . r an*i.government * , . payment of Ihe superin ten dent ? South Korea was' Koh is a Washington bust- cand,dates' expenses on the un ist.i„ s, ¡gated. ' j a " d d ° Se fn en d ° f basis of an opinion y seems | bave ma(je county counse! that such pay- he said. “Therefore, mcnt was illegal. The attorney j _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ general last week rendered a similar opinion. The amount at issue is $549 .62. It is for expenses of a candidate from Florida, one from Wisconsin and one from Southern California seek­ ing the San Anselmo superin- tendcncy for which Stephen L. Parodi of Belvedere, Ross School superintendent, was subsequently hired. The warrants call for pay­ ment of $48 5.62 to Orrick Tra­ vel Bureau and $63.8 7 to the Edgewater Inn. The five members of the San Anselmo School District board today joined in a statement outlining their reasons for agreeing to pay expenses of the candidates. The board pointed out that 7 9 applicants for the job were screened down to five. Of these five, two were in Marin County. The statement con­ tinued: “The question naturally arose at this point whether the board should go to see the can­ didates where thev were or to have the candidates come to See EXPENSES, page 4


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A woman who singles out a man, doubles his joys, and triples his expenses.

County Loses Huge Sum On Warrants

Six thousand w a r r a n t s ! against Marin Municipal Court defendants have remain ed un ­ served within the past 10 vears. representin g potential payments of $9 0.000 to $ 120,- 000. Leon A do Lisle, county au- ditor-controller, handed this ncw-s to the Marin County Board of Supervisors today and i was promptly given ^permission to do something about it. What deLisle proposed to do and was unanimously sup­ ported on motion of Supervisor William D. Fusselman was to use his data processing machin ­ ery to compile a master list in alphabetical order so that cities and counties can quickly see the location of defaulters. Enforcement is f a l l i n g down,” said deLisle. “Our judges are shocked . I have the complete support of our three municipal judges De Lisle said his list of 6,000 See WARRANTS, page 4

$7,000 Dam age In

Fairfax Home Fire

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L Gardi­ ner Jr. return ed home this noon to find firemen fighting a blaze at their home at 220 Scenic avenue. Fairfax Damage was estimated at $ 7.000. Damage was to the second story of the house and the basement. The couple expect­ ed to spend the night at the home of a relative in Larkspur: Fire Chief Charles Thornton said a gas heater may have caused the blaze, but cause has not officially been established.

Chang, leader of the opposition Democratic party in Korea. I told the ambassador that if he didri* resign today, we would move in and take over the embassy,’’ Koh said. “We had planned to (act) this morning, but we postpon­ ed action because of President Rhee’s statement last night” offering to permit new elec­ tions. Koh said the ambassador “re­ tracted his charges of Commun ­ ist instigation of the demontra- tions and promised to resign.” Yang confirmed this account of the conversation.

and shouted for Rhee’s resig nation. Rhee’s whole regime appear- j ed crumbling. His once trusted j lieutenants deserted him in the National Assembly and joined j in deman ds he quit. His police,; who killer 5 at least 158 persons! in a week of rioting, fled their! posts. His ambassador to Wash- ington quit un der fire.

RED MOVE FEARED And there were fears of some overt Communist move to take advantage of the uprising. In Washington, the United States summoned its Korean war allies to ar^extraordin ary session to discuss the possibil­ ity of a new Communist attack. The State Department also issued a statement calling for “adequate measures to redress grievances of the people.” It took note of Rhee’s declaration “that lie is prepared to resign.” Students who led the demon­ strations threatened new riot­ ing today unless Rhee leaves office and calls new elections. Police fired into their midst yesterday and killed 23 per­ sons, bringing to 158 the n um­ ber killed in a week of violence. JOIN STUDENTS The army, which had sup­ ported Rhee without firing on the students, began fraterniz­ ing today with the rebels. They joined hands in policing the capital city, which was quiet during the early morning but still un der martial law and tense. Today was one of the darkest in the career of Rhee, who was reported to have left his presi­ dential palace while he made up his mind whether to quit at once or to hold onto power. The only out appeared for him to resign, call new presi­ dential elections and then run again for the presidency. Some of the student demonstrators said they would vote for him— that their protests were not against Rhee the man but against the graft and corrup­ tion in his government. It was one of history's great­ est unarmed revolutions and all indications were it had won.

U.S. Summons

Korean War

Allies To Talks

WASHINGTON (UPD T h e United States today called for early action by Korean Presi­ dent Syngman Rhee to “re­ dress the grievances of the Korean people.”

It also summon ed its Kor­ ean war allies into an extra­ ordinary session to discuss the possibility of a Communist at­ tack against troubled Southern Korea.

15 NATIONS State Department press offi­ cer Lincoln White said repre­ sentatives here of the 15 na­ tions which fought un der the United Nations ban n er in Kor­ ea had been summoned to a session at the State Depart­ ment “to discuss the situation in Korea,” including its mili­ tary implications.

Other officials said the 16 countries would talk about dan ­ ger that Communist forces in North Korea might be tempted to intervene again in the south because of the political chaos there.

READY TO RESIGN White, noting that Rhee has “indicated that he is prepared to resign” and "has promised to hold new elections, said:

“We are naturally following these developments closely in the hope that adequate meas­ ures will be taken to redress grievances of the people. Lat­ est press reports from Seoul, however, indicate that demon­ strations against the govern­ ment are continuing.”

White added un der question­ ing that the United States was hoping for quick action by Rhee. But he declined to elab­ orate on the “adequate meas­ ures” it wants him to take. J o r Setter Cd uca tich

Newcomers To State Amazed At

Multiplicity Of School Districts

(This is the second of a series of articles on .Marin County’s school district setup and possibilities for revamp­ ing it.)


There are 29 school districts in Marin. There is one junior college district. There are high school districts and elemen­ tary districts. Only one No­ vato— is unified. Some of them are called union districts, some have the word “joint” in their names. Newcomers to California are mystified. Many of them come from states where one superin­ tendent and one school board operate a school system like that in Novato composed of kindergarten through grade 12. The only way such a system can be achieved in California is through unification. A uni­ fied system even can include a junior college.

A school district is a kind

of municipality. The govern­ ing board of a school district sets up and adopts budgets and collects taxes or has some other agency collect for it. The boards are made up of people who are elected on the public ballot And they set the policy un der which a district is to operate, and hire and fire personnel from ad­ ministrators to janitors.

When two like districts join, the resultant district is called a union district. If a single dis­ trict takes in areas in two or more counties it is a joint dis­ trict. A n umber of elementary districts, for example, could join together and become a union elementary school dis­ trict. Also they could be brought together to form a union high school district, as is the case of the Tamalpais Union High School District. The Tamalpais Union High School District has within its boundaries 12 e l e m e a t a r y

school districts. If these dis­ tricts were eliminated, their boards wiped out, an d the whole district placed un der one board and administration, it would be a unified district.

Unified districts also can be formed, as was Novato, from an elemen tary district. Such a district then must erect a high school and offer high school courses.

But if the Fairfax an d San Anselmo districts, for instance, were to unify, the one new dis­ trict might take over Sir Fran ces Drake High School and would no longer be part of Tamalpais Union High School District.

In California, there also are city school districts. The only one in Marin is in San Rafael. Actually there are a San Rafael High School District and a San Rafael Elementary School Dis­ trict, governed by one board. Continued on page 2

2 3hròfjtrnftrnt-3lmirnal. Tuesday, A prii 26, I9 60 PLANNERS^ FI RST ACTI ON Restaurant Addition

Approved In Novato

FEEDI NG TI ME HERKIMER, a n o rpha ned ba by sea l, pa tiently a wa its brea kfa st a t the Ma ­ rin Co unty Huma ne So ciety . Mel L. Mo rse, secreta ry -ma na g er prepa res fo rmula o f g ro und fish, ca nned milk a nd v ita mins. The sea l, a bo ut a week o ld, wa s being buffeted by wa v es a t Dux bury Reef nea r Bo lina s y ester­ da y , a ppa rently helpless. A dea d sea lio n ha d been flo a ting in the a rea ,

FOR BABY SEAL a nd Leo J. Leo ni, Bo lina s fisherma n, decided the ba by sea l’s mo ther wa s dea d. He to o k the sea l to Mrs. Ev ely n Sha ro n o f Bo lina s, who ca lled the Huma ne So ciety . No rma lly , ba by sea ls sho uld no t be to uched o r pick­ ed up, Mo rse sa id. Mo thers lea v e the y o ung in the sa nd a nd a lwa y s, co me ba ck fo r them. (Independent-Jo ur- na l pho to )

2 9 Automonous Districts In

Marin Set School Policies

Co ntinued fro m p age 1

r h e r e are two b udg ets, and t h e

lig h sch ool and e l e m e n ta ry dis-

ricts are not coterm inous. T h e ligh sch ool district also in- dude s t w o o t h e r e l e m e n ta ry iistricts— Dix ie an d S an Quen- in— th at a re go v ern ed by th e ir )wn boards. If Dix ie and San Quentin w e re to unify with San dafael, t h e city district would jeco m e a unified district.

So Ma rin ha s a cro ss-ha tch o f scho o l districts. T he new ­ co m er to Ca lifo rnia , a ccus­ to m ed to his o wn sta te’s co unty sy stem , wo nders ho w it a ll sta rted, a nd why it sta y s tha t wa y .

T h e slate D e p a rtm e n t of Edu- •ation is p ush in g unification wh erev er it can. and one h igh official of th at de p a r t m e n t r e ­ cently said in Marin, "In tw o y ears 65 p er cent of th e s t dents in th e state will atten d sch ools in unified districts.”

3 nil ep e n5 mtyKji o urn al

ntered in San Rafael P ost Office as second class m atter under Act of M arch 6. 18 9 7 Publish ed Daily Ex cep t inday s an d certain h oliday s at 1028 -40 B Street S an Rafael, Calif, by California Newsp ap ers, Inc. Roy A. Brown. President

Combining th e San Rafael Indep endent. M arin Journal, M arin Herald, San Ansel- m o Herald, Fairfax Gazette, Larksp ur-Corte Madera News

10 cents p er cop y $1.50 a m onth by carrier $4.50 for 3 m onth s by mail $9 .00 for 8 m onth s by mail $18 .00 for 1 y ear by mail 11 unsolicited articles, m anu- p ts, letters, an d p ictures sent th e In de p e n de n t-Jo urn a l are t at th e owner’s risk, and th e ep en dent-Journ al ex p ressly re ­ lates an y liability or resp on- lity for th eir safe custody or irn. RCULATION INFORM ATION Ph one G Lon wood 4-3020 1 Valley , Sausalito an d GEnev a ex ch ange. Ph one DU 8 -2351 Nov ato. TWinbrook 2-9 020

T h a t m e an s th at p op ulous

areas, big cities, will v ote for

unification. But m a n y of th e

large sp arsely p o p ula te d areas

m a y stick to small, locally gov ­

e rn e d, grass-roots sch ool sy

tem s.

C a lifo rnia ’s scho o l districts resem b le so mewha t tho se o f ea rly N ew Eng la nd Public educa tio n in the ea rly da y s w a s la rg ely co nfined to e le ­ m enta ry educa tio n. Any o ne w ho wa nted to *g o bev o nd the eig hth g ra de went to a pri­ v a te scho o l. Public hig h scho o ls ca me la ter.

E le m e n ta r y districts already

h a d been form ed. W h e n h igh

sch ools w ere built, new dis­

tricts w e r e cre ate d to op erate th e m . Later, junior college dis­ tricts w e r e form ed, a n d again w ith th e ir own bo ards of t r us ­ te e s and budg ets and co urse s of study . So t h a t is w h y in Marin's

v ario us sch ool sy stems, t h e r e

are som e districts with b o ards

of tr us te e s resp onsible for th e

educ ation of y o un g s te rs fro m

ki n de r g a r t e n t h r ou g h th e

eigh th grade, an d o t h e r dis­

tricts" a n d bo ards resp o n sib le

for educatio n of ninth t h r o ug h

twelfth grades.

T h e r e is still a n o t h e r set for f re s h m e n and s o p h o m o re s at th e j un i o r college lev el P ublic e duc a tio n bey ond Hiat p oint is g o v ern e d e i th e r by th e state, as in th e sta te colleges, o r by th e, r e g e n ts of t h e U niv ersity of California.

Why , o ne mig ht a sk. is this situa tio n a llo wed to ex ist? Wo uld it no t sa v e a lo t o f m o ney if there wa s unifica ­ tio n? Wo uld no t unifica tio n pro v ide fo r a better ed u ca ­ tio n pro g ra m? The questio ns a re no t ea sily a nswered, a nd in their a nswering there a rise sev era l po ints o f v iew.

Will T h o m p so n , m usic c o m ­ p o se r of East Liv erp ool, Oh io, w rote b o th Softly , T e n de rl y J e sus Is C o m in g and “T h e re 's a G re a t Day Com ing.”

In its first official business m eeting, th e N ov ato P la n n in g C om m ission last nigh t a p p ro v e d construction of a second story addition to Cloud Fiv e r e s t a rant at 1009 First street.

Plans s ub m i t t e d bv dev elo p er Louis N av e w e r e ap p ro v ed as in kee p in g w ith th e ex isting building, but m us t » carried out un de r a rc h ite c tura l s up e r ­ v ision. T h e addition would h ouse a b an que t room and rest rooms, Nav e said. T h e b a n que t room was a p ­ p rov ed by th e co un tv p la n n in g com m ission on Ap ril 16. 19 57, but h ad n e v e r been c o n s truc ed, th e city p la n n e r s w ere told by B. D Dobbs, ch ief p la n n e r with th e c o un ty p la n n in g staff, w h o is actin g as adv iser to th e city com m ission until J un e 30.

PERMIT ASKED An ap p lication bv R obert S tro c kb in e for a use p erm it for cons truc tio n of a n urs e ry an d t e m p o r a r y office building at t h e c o r n e r of A t h e r t o n av e n ue and High w ay 101 was a p p ro v e d p e n di n g a p p ro v a l o*' p lans sh owing a de qua t e p a r k i n g sp ace a n d a la th e d s t r uc t ure S troc kbine in te n ds to build. A lth o ug h Dobbs said h e b e ­ liev ed th e N o rt h Marin m a s t e r p lan and th e state Div ision of H igh w ay s both indicate an in­ t e rc h a n g e s t r uc t ure at th e site of th e n urs e ry , th e r e are no p recise p lans av ailable Because x >f t h e p ossibility of ev en tual state p urch ase, th e state will be notified of th e t e m p o r a r y use p erm it A re que s t by K ae h ler C o n ­ struction Co for ? p e r m a n e n t sign at th e e n t r a n c e to Forest P a r k subdiv ision was co n tin ue d until May 9 p e n di n g sub m i s ­ sion of a m ore com olete desig n of th e p ro p o sed sign.

AMENDMENT VOTED A p p ro v al of an a m e n dm e n t to th e p lans of th e N o rt h la n d S h op p ing C e n t e r on South N o ­ v ato blv d n e a r Row land a v e ­ n ue to p erm it inclusion of a medical-dental buildin g was a p ­ p rov ed w ith t h e following th r e e conditions: 1. Th at no buildin g p erm it be issued until th e a r c h i t e c t ral sup erv is o r ap p ro v e dev e o p m e n t p lans for construction an d im p ro v e m en ts . 2. T h at access *o th e site is ach ie v ed th r o ug h Rowland a v e ­ nue a fte r it is sufficiently de ­ v elop ed. 3. T h at e i t h e r th e e n tire p ro p erty r e m a in un de r one o w n e r or it be div ided into two p arcels with a 20-foot e a s e m e n t rec o rde d against each so R o w ­ land a v e n ue access m ay be e x ­ te nded. A p p ly ing for th e p lan a l te r a ­ tion for constructio n of th e building was L a rry W i tte r an d Associates. Th e co m m issio n e rs set for May 23 a p ublic h ea rin g on a p rop osed a m e n dm e n t to th e : zoning o r din a n c e wh ich would allow th e east side of Railroad av en ue b etw e en C h e rry an d P each stree ts to be zoned g e n ­ eral com m ercial. Petitio n ers Rav etz an d R ow land p lan a traile r court t h e re Also co n tin ued to May 23 was an ap p lication to a m e n d th e zoning o r din a n c e so p ro p e r ty

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on th e west side of Fir« t street b e tw e e n G ra n t an d Oliv e av n ue s would be zoned general com m ercial. T h e p la n n e r s p ut th e m a tte r ov er p en din g f ur t h e r study of th e N orth Marin m a s t e r p lan in re g a rd to th e do w n to w n sec­ tion of th e city . Also p ut ov er for f urth e r study was an ap p lication by Mrs. Elna Raeh th at a beauty p a rlo r be ruled a legitim ate h o m e occup ation in a re s ide n ­ tial zone Th e p rese n t ordin an c e docs not p erm it o p eratio n of a b e a uty sh op but allows occu­ p ations including arch itects, w riters, musicians, h a n d c ra fts­ m e n , etc., to o p e r a te in a resi­ dential area. T h e com m ission a dj o urn e d until May 2 at 8 p .m in th e city h all w h en it will study p ro ­ p osals from t h r e e Professional p la n n in g organizations to up ­ da te th e N o rt h M arin m a s te r p lan. U n de r consideratio n will be L aw re n c e J. Liv in gston Jr. of San Francisco, H e r m a n R uth of O a kla n d and th e Marin County p la n n in g staff.


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Hub M an Given 90 Days In Jail

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