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-5= VOL. I— NO. 25 14 PAGES CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1938 D irect Amocisted Frees Service PRICE THREE CENTS FORTY MILLION VOTERS CAST BALLOTS TODAY Will Name 35I/. S. Senators; 32 Governors

Europe Rattles Saber With Eye On War in Spain

Jewish Refugee

Shoots Secretary

German Embassy

Picks Bay Slate

Russia Parades A r m e d Attempted Assassination Force As Britain Plans In Paris To Avenge New Air Force Countrymen"

HUNGARY CLAMORS Yout h Turned Ov er To FOR TERRITORY Police-Condilion Vic- lim Critical D e m a n d s M o r e Lost Land ’-Fresh Rebel Gains in Spain

B}' I M AMCC I ct rd n«M

Fresh Insurgent gains in Spain— A gigantic parade of Soviet Rus­ sia » armed force— British plan* for a doubled air force— Renewed clamoring in Hungary

Paris. Nov 7 (A*i A 17-year-old Polish Jewish refugee from Germ­ any attempted to assassinate Erns! Vom Rath. Secretary of the German Embassy, today because he said he wanted to avenge Polish Jews driv­ en out of Germany

Court Ruling

Grants C. 1.0.

Use of Streets

"Gabbed With King'

Judge Clark Grant s An Injunction In Jersey City Case

Newark. N. J.. Nov 7 (AV- Federal Judge William Clark signed an in­ junction today ordering Jersey City officials to grant to the CIO and allied groups the right to speak In public streets unless a "deliberate policy of forbidding meeting* of any kind on any of the public streets” was adopted and enforced. _________________________________ A few hours after the court sign- . .___ . ___„ . .. .___ , , _ ... Robert J w att (above', American cd the formal decree, putting into . , . __ , , m . i i ,, _ J , , . delegate to the international labor effect his 15.000 word decision flied ~T_. H _ , . M , .. .___.. . organ.cation at Geneva is pictured October 27 in the injunction suit, * __ . . i . .. . . * ___ . ____as he arrived in New York He told of the CIO. American Civil Liber- ............... , . . , . . reporters that he just kept his hands

Maryland Voters Will Ballot On Stale Lotteries

Ratification of A m e n d ment Will Allow Legal Gambling

Public Support Of "New Deal" Is Major Issue

Elecfion Results LOTTERIES LEGAL IN . _ state until 1867 In Five States

Schools and Colleges Part- Hold Interest ly Supported By Lot- ----- fery Revenue


Possibilities Before Voters

(Iv JOHS GROVER Annapolis Nov. 7 (Ab—Maryland John 8 Flannery (above). W ash- f ... t w . Vom Bath. shot twice by the ington attorney and special master ** " °” an 0 in his pockets when he gabbed with where George W ashington came to youth in his Embassy office lay in appointed by .he Supreme Court to * * * * OI‘ the King of England W att is sec- put hi* pounds and pence on a good a critical condition rn a hospital to- straighten out the state inheritance In, ,ai' nien nonrr m retary of the Massachusetts Fed- horse s nose will carry on in the night A bullet was removed from claims against the estate of Col E an "PT*1*1- eraUon of Labor hsi right shoulder but another re- h. R Green, ha* eliminated New H((, M mauled lodged in his abdomen. York. Florida and Texas The flve- Hl* assailant gave the name of million-dollar tax on the estate of The appeal will be taken to the

Ou t c o me In Farm Bel l Political Figures Un d e r And Pacific Coast Discussion Weighed Important In Balance

Drive on E bro River Soviet Commissar

For W ar Warns

Japs of Invasion

r r , tern tory Herschel Grynszpan. formerly of Hetty G reens son goes to Massa osl in the Woild st*: Hanover. Germany Embassy at- chusett*. These were the developments, tachcs caught him after the shoot - ' -------- yesterday 'Monday! in a Europe lng #nd turnPd him over to French watching one war already long in pouce progress and disturbed by fear* of ^ Gentian Embassy spokesman other* thee might come c harged that the youth was "excited by Jews in France ' but Grynszpan insisted he acted alone to avenge Action in the Spanish Civil war polish -ems driven out of Germany was quickened by Insurgent thrusts which Generalissimo Francisco Family Live* in freight (a r Franco's leaders said virtually drove D' ttcU vtt Mid lhey leiirn<d UlAt government forces from the west ^ Qrynmpan family, including the h.nks of the Bbro river in north- moth„ #lst, rs and brothers, p.,- em Spam had come ^ prance when they were Insurgent reports of the capture from Germany but were wo­ of Mora De Ebro, government aal- ^ flnd a home. lent on the v eat bank of the Ebro The authorities had refused to re- were offset partially by Govern- npw ^ Qrynzpan family a permit m t m ent advices which told of slight )UJ jjve m this country. He told ________ Government gams in a surprise p o ^ he left the home of an uncle r , /* * a i » r°unt«r-offenstre on the Segre rc8ldmg hfrf fcnd Uved in Parts JaVS JdPdH eSe GO? O il IV river. IO miles nor’h of the FJ ro and under bridges of the' ,ron*‘ Seine river. Soviet Russia a military demon- actives said hi* parer-is las: atration was the highpoint of Mo*- week went with the remainder of cows celebration of the 21st an- llie fAmjly to Poland where they niveraary of the BolshevLvt revolu-1 Uvlng ^ an abandoned rail- tion. Tens of thousands of soldiers. road freight car across from the hundreds of tanks and 300 war-

Thtrd United Stale* Circuit Court m Philadelphia of which Clark now ut a member, and a stay of execu­ tion of the injunction asked. Clark was elevated to the higher court during the trial of the action aris­ ing from Hague s self-atyied "war on Red* and Radicals,'’ the jailing of 13 CIO organisers in what Hague called an "invasion.” and the plain­ tiff's contention that they were denied the right to certain organis­ ational activities The decree restrained the defend­ ants "from continuing their here-

Dies Group Told

Wage-Hour Officer

Wrote Red Article

old gambling tradition tomorrow wnen the state votes on a tom titu- ttonal amendment to legalise alate lotteries. Faded documents in the hall of record* disclose thai Maryland could have been nicknamed the old lay-lt- oa-the-iine state rather than the Old Line commonwealth Betting ha* been a major industry since o Ionia! Limes Lotteries were legal in the state until 1867. when a constitutional convention outlawed the chance


1940 Presidential Possi- Bad W e a t h e r Predicted bilifies At Stake In Several States For Many Sections of Country

Ny KIRKE: I. SIMPSON W ashington. Nov 7 un - Five

Declares Next Im pudent^01* refusal *> «™t r permits to Rep Attack May Bring On War

Slight Lesson At lake Khassan

D- 1

P a u l Si l i on Author of kln* -n* « . » ! » « « a p io . ,<*. I” , tomorrow would abolish the prohi- P »reas . ann out a. p!a< B ld S t A g a i n s t Wtkm and allow the legislature to ° w*tcT> ,n tomorrow a national - . .. authorise a lottery as a revenue r!f‘cUon*'; C aoitalists measure Th*’ New York Penn- K | PUCH- to 1MT7. lotteries along with Ohio Michigan and We - any other form of gambling were con*in Wld(,1> factor* give each its own key tins year. In the out -

Maverick T ex); Rep OConnell <D-Mont>; I D M A f t h o i i l t part of the hi*torial tradition of the BU Rep. Allen <D-Pa ); Morn* L. Ernst. J ' l l 0 I I ll C y, JC I! * sltto j>r Jam es A Robcruon S!ale V*lu^*v one of CIO-ACLU counsel in the Mat; Roger N. Baldwin. ACLU Di­ rector: William J. Carney, New Jer­ sey regional director of the CIO. and others "upon applications dated December 17 and 23, 1937. respec­ tively.” While not ruling

Styled Ex-Communist Makes Charge

State Ar chi UM., has document* nw Ulelr s e t o n s 1 oi guberna- *howing that some of the moat ven- torial <****«* be reflected enable and respectable schools and pirsldential ticket portents of 194« universities In the a u te were sup- T hr geographical area* w-hich ------------ ported in part by tottery revenue*. wtU undrr *PecUl ^ n itin y for Wasliuigwm. Nov. 7i/F)-—House In -| Richard Wilmot Hall, of the votfr reaction are tile great m ter- vestigators heard today th at Paul Faculty of Physick iCQ) of the or 12's,*ie farm belt; and the three specifically on Sifton a n assista n t to Elmer F A n- University of Maryland wrote to Pacific Coast states. Washington

Elections af a Glance

l a be Heeled: 3& I A) Led M ate* senator*: 432 member* of the M*»u*e of Representa­ tive*; I t (rovemom. man* leas­ er eta Ie off lr ta I* To do the eleeting ll la rati* mated M 321.93a per^am are ah- xihle and 4b.Mb.DM a e tn iH wiR vale. The eating MHO; About I?’ tam in 47 elates i Maine vot­ er* elected in septem bert.

•y TM tw w liw a brae** Rome 40 000000 Americans—mara or le^ will vote today in an off- v ear1 election which Is considered of

German frontier. Planes parsed in review before (Thousands of other Polisli Jews Joseph Stalin. have been living across the frontier

the city's eight-year-old ordinance drews. the Wage-Hour Administra- Governor Samuel Stevens In June, *ntl CRiifomla ------------ requiring a police permit for a tor. once wrote an article urging 1325. protesting against any curtail- *n f*rm be’’,, where wheat unusual 'mnortanor because it mas Moscow, Nov. 7 (AF**—Kiementi E. public meeting, in hi* "flndinga of readers to tell capitalists th at "the ment of the lottery which was sup- Br‘d corn are major rommori'ties a ii* Afford an up-to-date idea of Voroshiloff, commissar for war. con- fact" accompanying the injunction, whole capitalist shell game can sink plying funds to the university medl- conclusive answer may be discern I- how much support the public la giv- cluded an address at a military Judge Clark said "the ordinance and be damned.” cal school. We to the biggest political question mg the New !>al. review celebrating Hie 21st annlver- x x x under which the defendants J, b Matthews, self-styled former mark of 193t farmer reaction to <2 Make or tweak Varina* political purported to act. is in its leader of numerous Communist Britain*.p la n to’ double her air after their deportation Oct 28-29 ^ 7 w U h ^ ^ " ^ ^ 0 j^ p a n 'u ^ aprication void. unconstitutional un„ed Gambler Held Right* to New Deal experimentation In con- figure* who have horn under dia-

•trength from 2^)0 to 5 000 war Germany.) planes by March, 1940. was report- The youth entered the office of ed to have been a main subject Vom Hath, 32-year-old nephew of of discussion at a cabinet meeting tj ie Roland Koeater, one-time which was held on Hie eve of the German Ambassador to France, new session of Parliam ent

Plaintiffs Given Relief

the next ' impudent attack” may »n<l of force or effect." bring Invasion by the Red army. The war commissar spoke from tile top of the tomb of Nicolai The injunction provided Lenin, from which Joseph Stalin an application for

unwon as prime presidential pos­ si bl ii tie; <3» Profoundly affect the whole future of governmental policy. The poll* will be open In every

I nile on New Dem and*

The clamor in Hungary to regain territory lost in the post-war settle­ ments was heightened by a virtual , - , , solid front presented by political U C d tll (.BUSCO Oy

Hungarian revisionists, encourag- Reckless Driving ed by the nations accomplishment ----------- in winning back 4.875 square miles, Hagerstown. Md.. Nov

front organizations in thlsl P canfield, the tamous New York country, told the committee on un- gambler, bought the rights granted ^ American Activltiea that Sifton had st. John's College and Washington observers Watch California contributed the article to the first college Chestertown, to conduct lot- i that issue of "Fight, a publication of the teries It was regular practice for 0,1 the Pacific Coast, national at- _ - - - - - - J rpm whim Josepn m aim an application for a permit to American League against war and the legislature to grant totter* u ,il‘on wi.. he claimed espe- m ' •• * ' M'TV" Maine whi. h \r>M*d in er pie x o e vet ne an *. in d other Soviet leaders reviewed hold such meetings x x x has been fascism. He testified the article had rights to schools and institutions by voter reaction to popularly In- !wo *RO 9ul ** portant documen # pa(MI1t> ot #rmed power which made three days in advance x x x this to say with reference to capi- in those days. Marylanders "went Histed measure* to restrict jum dlc- 32 governorships. 35 p ace* in the rolled across the cobble stones of and provided further that such taltsts for” lotteries in a big way Can- (tonal strike* such aa have marked 8en<lt* * Rer Square permit may be refused x x x only T ell them you know th at they field'* first lottery drawing in 1823 th t C IO -AFL organizational war- a rf . i i I, j-- . ,or reason th at particular time know they're sunk unless they can had a capital prise of $10,000 Bust- Tare, and by California^ decision re- P* >ulf,'r'‘<1 l>,‘*>*‘ ,r or place designated In the appliea- start a war to make their $200,000.- ness was so good that it was boost- Stinting the $30-every-Thursday" Referring to Japan as "our re*t- Uon ln EMMnabl® conflict with 000.000 in debts look better than a ed to $20,000 in the second drawing °’d Pension idea Ie** and witless neighbor” Vorish- the public recreational purpose* of trainload of waste paper Tell them Finally Canfield titled the ante at New York alway* heads the na- now- th# country.

Jury Holds Slumbaugh boat of lesser office* and au te constitutional amend mer it* and ini­ tiative pmpoBkla. Bad weather wa* predicted J ast night for many see-

___________ 7 (Ab—A from Czechoslovakia, now want C0r0n ers jury investigating the Eu­ bank an additional 74,000 square tomodii^ accident death of Marvin miles of former Hungarian territory E stum baugh October IO reported I Au^ t in Rumania, Jugoslavia and other th* H m h ma* rad«*ri m -/MintriM tonight the death was caused by j -TTiey fully displayed their ob- 1 ... drtVln5 rPCOm^nend« 1 stenancy and flung large forces of

otoff said "gentlemen Japanese gen- sald Par^ ________________ eral* from the Korean and Kwan-j r„? w °^an Who Burned on the Siberian border last July and

they and their fancy pieces of paper $100,000 and still Maryland respond- t,onal election day parade for bl­ and the whole capitalist shell game rd. the "take” in that lottery being terest because of its 47 electoral can sink and be damned. $784 000 with 15 per cent deducted vntes and Ute huge delegation it ‘T ell them that we've got another for the promoter sends to Congress war on, closer home, a war to estab- The oldest records show that the In Pennsylvania. aL-ev. 1940 presi-

On tile eve of the election John D M Hamilton. Chairm an of the republican National Committee, cen­ tare.’ attention upon an wane which, next to that of the New Deal itself.

Columbus. Ga . Nov. 7. (AV-Mrs, their best troops against the Red Luclle M Adams, middle-aged wid- ii-, ——.—— . . , , Army and despite this were com- ow. was adjudged insane today alist plot to seize power on Anni*-1 Stumbaugh was a passenger in pleUK, routed #nd suffervd

Frances internal situation was th at licenses of the drivers be sus complicated by reports of a nation- pended

lice day. next Friday. Communists a c*r driven by Elmer R. Smith joined forces with Socialists in an j who testified the accident occurred effort to arouse the nation against when he attempted to pass a car the purported scheme driven by William Twigg and was Paris was the scene of a bold at- forced to the left side of the high-


ther these gentlemen memory or whether they

Baby Held Insane Isih a worker s peace, a worker s J duality folks of re-revoluticnary deuUai year poseibiUucs are at » « i>erhap* given moat prominent* ________ government "they know this any- days were always hot to get action *t*ke, both Republican and Demo- , by Reput'd-an campaign speaker* w’ay. but they hate to be told )” for their money in the Annapolis cratlc. Bitter fighting in the Demo- charge* CeerWoe Sifton Issue* Statement meetings that became the big events <0 . .•• rd nn r*«» From his office. Sifton issued this of the year. He claimed that "step* were be- comment: Washington records a bad day a( C H D F lh ftiO fl ,n* t*k#n 10 fo*,rr<‘ those on relief "The article referred to bv Mr ,thfe races In his diary, just as mod- L v i Iwll rolls'' to vote for New Deal candi­ da to* It "is perfectly obvious” he said. th at "the New Deal s chief

de- shortly after her Indictment for •‘the murder of Priscilla Ann Tur- However, we are unaware whe- m r bv placing her in a bed of hot Matthews was written for a publi- em Marylanders Uke it on the chin F o rA C a it S e tr C l er these gentlemen have a good coals.” _ the favorites ran out of the good coals are able ^ Muscogee county superior court temnt bv a 17 vear old Pnll*h Jew . I wav The Smith machine over by lesson* thE.V receive. jury fovind her insane in a brief tem pt by a 17 year <Hd Polish Jew j*'*?- Smith machine over If the 0pject lessons taught in the hearine and Circuit Judae C F Mr refugee to assassinate Ernst turned. State s Attorney Martin L . .......................... nearing ana circuit Junge t J-. Mi ton rn ugce to vumsamaie crnsi a i*»w.wy mwi mu a* j vlclnlty of Kha.*san are in- TnUBhlin (>rd-rpd h - r r^m m ittedto Vom Rath, secretary of the German Ingram said he had not decided. v Y _ n. t . .. thixn ordered net committed to -rnbusy. K C W h . Mkt h , . ,m ,d what action It any. would ne .akan lu " lcient « « _=»“•* .(ate hoaplul a t Mllkdgcvlllc to avenge Polish Jews driven o u t ------------------------- ----------- —— - of Germany. Vom Rath wa* injured critically by two bullets. In the far east s. Japanese invad­ ers pushed deeper into Hunan province with little resistance re­ ported from retreating Chinese

Dionne Quints Will

Lose Adenoids and

Tonsils Wednesday

Callander, Ontario. Nov. 7 <Canadian Press!—The Dionne Quintuplets will undergo ade­ noid and tonsil operations Wed­ nesday. Keith Munro. their business manager, said the decision was made yesterday by Dr. Alan Brown. Toronto Child Special­ ist. and Dr. Alan Roy Dafoe, the Q uints physician.

It was believed IX. Brown , would bring six or seven tech- ideal assistants with him Wed- j nesday Dr. Dafoe and Dr Brown have had under discussion for ann* time the operation* on the five little girls, who were four year* old May 28.

Continues on P«g* Tt.i

O'Conor Reviews Pledges in (losing Campaign Address

Twelve Year Old Girl Indicted For Murder

Tropical Storm

Is Moving North

money at Pimlico. Havre De Grace, laurel and Bowie The father of his country mention* that the

reliance is the belief th at ti ain (ourt on relief workers a* a Woe supporting New Deal candidate*" To "supplement the evidence wi­

ny I) TAROLI) OLIVER Hyde Park, N. Y., Nov. 7 An­ hang tail* got to him for £4. lls,. I Od President RooH-velt kept guarded in on one day when the wrong horse a sealed envelope tonight hi* own ready at hand of coercion of relief ran fa*test. Another entry records : forecasts for tomorrow s off-year' workers.'' he said he wa* wiring ail the lo*.* of £3. 16* election* in which he had a*kcd for fits *tate chairmen to keep a close the choice of candidates known for watch and preserve all evidence of Raring Net* Million liberalism and experience surp activities for *ubml**ion to a Jacksonville. Fla., Nov. 7 A». A y |1P tradition has earned on He made plan* to cast hi* vol, congressional investigation her home, tropical disturbance of slowly ris- j year the state received a cool in the ‘linage town hall tomorrow $1000 809 from the tax on horse morning with relatives and clone friend*

hospital at Milledgeville Two physicians, one called by the


st ate and one by the defense, testi­ fied she was mad when she placed the 3-months-old T urner child in a coal-burning heater at October 29 ing intensity tentered about 3*0 Mrs. T E. Turner told officers milers southeast of Miami ma* re­ sale left her baby with Mrs Adams, ported by the Weather Bureau to­ ller landlady, at the older woman's night to me moving slowly north

( all* For 11111), lo Preside*,,

(Csminued tm P*f»- T-

J Baltimore, Nov. 7 (Ab—Attorney ha* taken no active part in the ue* General Herbert R O Conor brought campaign, other than contributing hi* campaign for the governorship $500 to the campaign fund. to a climax tonight with two broad- The first of O'Conor s speeches I casts in which he reviewed cam- tonight wa* carried into both West- paign pledges and called anew for em Maryland and the Eastern ouster of the Republican administra- Shore over stations at .Ssiisbury, AT U a > ( a | | i a , lion of Governor Harry W. Nice. Frederick, Hagerstown and Cum- i o UiC i As the Democratic nominee made berland The other address was ------------- (hi* final election eve addresses, his broadcast over one Baltimore sta- Washington. P a. Nov 7 TV- The , ^ headquarters issued new predictions lion grand jury today indicted 12-yea, - s ° U of victory tomorrow "The victory we shall

Nice (loses (ampaign in State With (barges of "Slander"

Baltimore, Nov 7 (AtoOovemor munerative private law practice

Clarence W Mile*, chairman of x x victory we x" said O'Conor, achieve old Irene Giricz for the murder of T) r th_r will mean her father, but District Attorney

north-westward. At 9 30 p. n, E S T .) advisory said the storm—it* center near Long Island, Bahama*—wa* "a tended by squall* up to 50 to 60 mile* an hour north of center The Advisory cautioned "vessels north of storm renter, and all small craft from the Florida east coast , . . over and beyond the Bahama* HSrrv W Nice cloned hi- campaign assuming off! . exercise caution next 24 foi re-election tonight charging In*1**' ( Slander” In newspaper Bureau said

Men while Chairman James A Farley of the Democratic National Committee prepared a radio addrest predicting a Democratic victory, and asserting that it "must be so deciiuvf a* to leave no doubt in anybody'* mind that the country* faith In Franklin D. Roosevelt Hi as great a* ever.” He added: "President Roosevelt will be en­ dorsed again The United State* Senate and the House of Reprewen-

Dcmocratic Campaign Advis-ithat Maryland is through with the announced he would certify Ute '' a ' 'n I 'i^ Maryland x x x I am warning that public and serious charge* of vote; )rm nn, ^ materially different * I . , . m. ,(.(.» ,.« r , , ______________ !„_• »_ ,___ .ti. turDHiicr* wrucfl wa* rryxinea in m r •*(, ,

. __________ , iGulf earlier today had passed on the ory Committee, issued a statem ent repudiated piomtoes of Governor case from Ute Criminal to Juvenile declaring that “checks made to- Nice; x x x that Maryland will be court, maxing a trial unnecessary. _______________ day throughout the state satisfy us restored to a sound business ba*to James C. Bane, the prosecutor, . y T riifliB f that during the past week, parti- x x x and during the next four said the girl had admitted shooting I ll* CC n C y fO »I US* ICS cularly during the past three or year* we will have an administra- her father in the back of the head a # |j |i i i I iKa p I u tour days, the turn to Mr. O ’Conor'* lion dedicated to the service of all a* he ate breakfast last August 25. A lC M ill A l LID61 ly standard assures hi* victory by a the people.” in their home in Centerville _______ majority of 50,000” In a review of his previously ex- Bane said the girl claimed her Annapolis. Nov 7 <T

The Attorney General, under live UUVfs wlll ^ overwhelmingly Dem-

1 *am s**d' *8 fcUW10M>d to step. oeratlr. as they Aire now We will a - w iw iai*. In on any hUkie () atthrney who ncg- pr a nrit |n th, ^ and declaring, a* Governor of lect* hi* duty There have Congrewa, but the poitttcwl eemplex-

the election laws of this state w in .buying during the Democratic pit-; n Igh jn beth par*i«w *x- not be tampered with or violated in marie* In Queen Anne county The prrA,rd ^ lirf the Republican* this election .state* attorney did nothing to 1°" would make some gain* some pre- In an address prepared for rn- vestigate those charges Mr OCon- dirtlM(t lfi ^ g0 p]lir<u, ,n d'c delivery tWBAL> the Republi- or ha* done nothing about the mat- H0asP can governor said his opponent, icr either Mr O'Conor was the r e - j Rldicuhng these d am * tome Herbert R O'Conor, ha* main- cipient of any advantage derived jxmocrwts set then p a rty * poanibi* Three tained a most eloquent silence on from that alleged vote buying *t 25 seat* in the House two Mile* conferred today with Mayor pressed pledges, O Conor said he father had assaulted her several negro trusties who escaped from the New Deal” and assailed OCton- Nice declared his administration or lh m isenators and two or three Howard W. Jackson, defeated for would "maintain the magnificent the nomination by O'Conor, and school system established by Gov- asserted that the Mayor "is work- ernor Ritchie, x x x divorce the ing indefatigably for the success of state loads system from the entire state ticket, from Mr x x x protect the people of this slaving O Conor right down the lin e state from gangsters and latkc- Tile girl ha* been held The Mayor since the prim ary, leers.” j County Detention home.

that when sh* the Crownsville State Hospital con- o rs fiscal policy a* "a graduated Lad brought about banking law re- Gove m on to her mother j tinued to evade state and county Income tax with which he plan* to form*, wa* responsible fof the re-, xo an unusual degree th* cam­ paign just ended placed a heavy ( emphasis upon gubernatorial rarv 11,i' jMr diriates Of the 32 govetnorahlp* IO million v |od„v 24 wrp nnw D e«w

I (Ce*nui(i«<S on P*f* Two!

years before and disclosed Hie fact by talking in her sleep, a family police today. dig eight million dollar* out of your centiy announced-by*pa*s bridge politic* j quarrel develo|»ed which led to the The three men Samuel Jordan pockets.” project for Baltimore and had in­ tl William Wallaie. 22 and J a m e s He criticized O'Conor* record as creased the cash in H r Carpenter. 35, w^ere not considered Attorney General, asserting he had .tuir bv approximatel) tdangcrou& | continued hi* rather large and aw- Hollar».

THE C U M B E R L A N D NEW S, TU ESD A Y, N O V EM BER 8, 1938 jb jaaiiL.1 Reconciliation Weirton Steel

Between Windsor [rial Resumed

And Family Seen In Pittsburgh

D u k e and D u c h e ss of J a m e s C. Blaffen, N ew Gloucester M a y See Trial Examiner Re-


Windsors friday places Smith

RETURN TO ENGLAND Tells Attorneys To "Look NOW A POSSIBILITY forw ard" and "forget ' The Past" Meeting Would Be Sec­ ond With M e m b e r of Pit!

family S in c e Ab­ dication


burgh, Nov 7, Ab—With a lion to attorneys to look for- and forget what baa hap-

Walter Johnson Eclipse of Moon "Spectacular",

Goes On Radio Cumberland Astronomer Reports

For Republicans

American Way of Life"

Former Washington Pitch er Speaks Over Nation­ wide Hookup

Washington. Nov,

Winier In West;

Summer Lingers.

On East Coast An eclipse of the moon while the much attention to it” because he sun still shone was witnessed In i had "seen so many of them.” many parts of the United States He added that he Tic reasonably ------------ yesterday afternoon, according to sure, however, that the total eclipse U r n OC "D o fiirn Trt Tho thp Associated was not netts here I y e J INC! Ut ll IU MIC But while part of the phenomenon Richards reported that he was was visible here, the total eclipse first able to see the moon at about was not, reported two of Cumber- 6 15 p rn. just as it was emerging land's amateur astronomers. Harry from the total eclipse Booter and Thomas L. Richards It was about nine-tenths In They explained that mountains to shadow, he said, the east of the city cut the moon "Spectacular." Says Richards of! from v ew during the early part Describing it as it appeared of the eclipse, while clouds obscured through a telescope, he commented it until after it had begun to emerge that it looked "like a sunset, with from the eclipse. shadows creeping across the face Total Eclipse at 4:5# p. hi. of the moon.” | The moon rose, in partial eclipse “It s a spectacular sight,” he re-

7 i/i». - walter ** * P m . Just seven minutes be- marked. Chaperoned by his 17-year-old von. the Rev Leonard C. Richmond. Johnson speed bail king of other forf *unsPt --- --- ---- ----.-------------------------- , and Martha May Avery 28-year-old singer in his choir in a Bough- days, took to the radio tonight to Although such an eclipse is caused he Associated «aUl, notably the waJte of wjnter s flm broad on-

five Deaths Attributed To Storms In Three West­ ern States

W a rm e st N o v e m b e r Seventh In History of New York City

Denver. Nov. 7 lAb—Skies cleared In some portions of the country. ^ temperatures climbed today in

keeps!e. N Y , church, are reported to be on their way to get a divorce urge a Republican victory tomorrow the shadow of the earth pacing he Southern seaboard a 'slau ghi from the Rocky Mountains pened ta the past, Trial Examiner frr>rn ,h#> wlff, who him four children to marry Martha She told and a return to the American way ovp[ the moon, scientists explained west. clou{l3 *nd r*in obacured the if lhe Mississippi river of life J,.mea C. Batten resumed today the her p*rent« ©f her "pure. deep love In a note of farewell Weirton Steel Company case, long- ---- -------------------------------- ------------------ ---™ .... Martin Snyder

Considers Ruth

London. Now, 7 /Ab—The Duk- est hearing In National Labor Rela- and Doc hew of Gloucester may t'ons Board history. meet the Duke and Due bt ss cf The short, almost bald-headed ex- Windsor Friday in Parka as a first ammer who succeeded Edward step toward reconciliation bet w en Grand wm Smith told opposing

th . British em ily and . « '•’T ' T ,“ 't T « . abdicated King. Such a reconciliation migh' even­ tually be followed by the return to Britain of the Duke of Windsor and the Ameruan-bom wife for whom he abdicated PresarmaWv he might find vome sort of occupation hero. ^ rnnUunmctom at 8U u. The statement was made in au- K envil j uj. jj# thoruative quarter* that the Dike ", , _ * of Gloucester, s younger broil er u Transfer of the Duke of Wtrwteor. and his As the hearing opened after the wife probably** wouM see the ft'* months recess. Willism T. Pa Windows bv stopping off on their hor* counsel for the Weirton Steel wax home from an East African m ploye representative* objected to hr transfer of the hearing to Pitts- R uh Efhng as my wire when ne her I burgh bec a nae the move would “ae riously jeopardize’ the “existence of two Independent labor unions

tried on what happened In the psst," and warned them to refrain from personal remarks.” Batten took over the hearing af­ ter the resignation of Smith who birred Cidve A. Armstrong, Weirton

Prosecution In

Spy Trial Rests

Etting His Wife Government Ends Parade | of 37 Witnesses Aller Three Weeks

it was possible before sunset be- phenomenon from watchers on the The Ria Train now a farmer and c,lus* of the refraction of light in ground, but airplane passengers ob- Republican c.ndld.1. for county th . earth, .tmoaphor. talnod a remarkable view commissioner in nearby Montgom- TU* eclipse became total just five In most of New England, the en county Maryland declared in minutes before the sun set at 4:50 spectacle was perfectly visible in a speech prepared for a nation-wide P **> The foul eclipse ended at clear skies A ground haze obstruct- network iNBC> that he didnt like 07 P m vl*»on flL,m lh* earth ,n Nrw _______________________________ "the way things are going ", John The moon left the umbra, the york City, but a pern of scientists wn c anon country, mounted search Hanu I ton. Republican National black earth shadow, at 7:12 p. ai from the American Museum of Nai- Chairman, Introduced him and his and passed out of the penumbra, ural History went up in a transport address was distributed to the press the hazy shadow, at 8:14 p. rn. plane to 18.000 feet and gave a run- I-noter Not Interested ning description of the phenomenon ^ Booter saki that he hadn t "paid by radio

In several western states tee and slush highway coatings threatened to curtail general election voting to­ morrow The storm was blamed for three highway deaths in Texas, one in Wyoming and one in Colorado. In Southeastern Colorado's Peter-

parties hunted for Harold L. Mer­ cer, 38. of Pueblo, ah o was separat­ ed from hunting companions Sun-

R a d i o Singer Obtained Uncontested Divorce Last November

hunting trip. Fir** Meeting Wince Such a meeting would be the ffr«t the Duke of Windsor has had with any member of his family since his marriage June 3 1937 to of fX,*" and because the trana- tn* former Wallis Warfield. It fer was “tantamount to depnv- wotild be the second meeting since ,Tjg» the company and the two in- hi- abdication December IO, 1818 dependent labor unions 'of a com - Hi* stater, the Princess Roval sod p>te defense " her husband visited him at Vienna john J. Laughln Jr., who anc­ on the following February 7 riffled Armstrong, and Thomas P A meeting now of the Windsors McKenzie, of New Cumberland W. ■nd the Gloucester* would fore- Va, counsel for the Security shadow sn eventual welcome of me League Kilned in objecting to the Bx-King hack into the family transfer cir Ie. some quarters believed Batten stopped the objections and Failure of the Duke of Kent, the declared: younger brother, to vLut Windsor “I don t Caro to get Into any dla­ in August* 1937, while he was vac- cuss ion as to the place of hearing at toning on the continent caused I don t want any mention made widespread comment The Duke and of It—unless It is absolutely neces- Ducheaa of Kent pawed within a *ary * few miles of the Windsor a honey j —■■■—— —- moon ca 'Ie ak Noettch Austria * , , ii «•«.* w. i? them Presidential Possib»lft»es Q we« I ton Of flank Rota l f I kist hew the Duke of Windsor pCr<HC YOfCfS •aid hie oldest boother. IC aw Oeorve _______

BT would settle the question of >c<mun»*4 iron eM » os*.

precedence re ta rd in g the Duchess rratie remained a knot iv problem. The rnjkm1 reeliaing that a victory in an D ike is known to be (V.-pleaaed be- ronald* re bl# number of these con

New York. Nov. 7 <Ab—Th# Gov­ ernment rested .odav in its three- weeks-old spy trial prosecution after Mrs. Gun Rumrich, of Missoula, Mar*in Mont Pretty blonde wife of Guen­ ther Gustav Rumrtch, 32. confessed Nazi agent, nervously testified that , __ husband received sums of an iM a ts a r o fr lin deport- BOnfy froRi lhf aU<.gpd _________________ the 8235,000 da hi age man Qf % G, rman ^ p j o ^ e ring. , .

In a trembling voice. Mrs. Rum- KCW TOfK PlY O tdl

Lo* Angeles. Nov 7 <#> ■Col. Gimpi Snyder referred to

gave lion today in __________________ suit brought against him by

I w T i T r i h * " lo *o d ck,“ ]rich » l'd ''t ^ T .h k n 7 v « r h e r‘ b u . th- ahlft nil'Kl ne "undue burden r r n * , bund received money from Kart _ , i " C f " JX .T Schlueter. . (u»ltl.e d.te.ul.n. he wife, he flared at one point in the . 7 _ . . explained it was income from real questioning bv Bernard B and . _ Henry S Cohen, Aldermans law­ yers He did not amplify the state­ ment Court records

by the National Committee. The American Way, Johnson said,! is competition and private enter­ prise Instead of having 11.000.000 unemployed today, he said, the na­ tion would have solved Its economic troubles if private initiative had been unhampered. “The government in W allington, trying to get control of everything has made it impossible for Indi­ viduals to get their teeth into the trouble and start us toward the top again”, he asserted

Western Lambs on [°!d.Weal Cut Down Ohio Vole Maryland Farms

Twenty Flocks Released in Experiment By 4-H Club Members

Snow In Texas After blanketing the Rocky Moun­ tain region and most of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas with snow, the storm moved eastward today across Missouri, where light snow A forecast stlil fell in western counties flurries In contrast to sub-zero tempera­ tures in Colorado and New Mexico mountain areas. New York City ex­ perienced Its warmest November 7 in history with a 75-degree maxi­ mum of 8 degrees below zero Es- ture for the day was 68 degrees.

Cleveland. Nov. 7 of ram and probable snow climaxed Ohio's turbulent Senator­ ial