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Sunset for Sons of Rising Sun German Armies o n So uthern Fro nt in Caucasus Are Cut

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All of the Japs tak ing part in repeated attem pts at landing to recaptu re Bu na from the allies have met a fate similar to that of the Japs shown here. N ote the u narmored Jap landing barge in the back ­ grou nd. (United Sta tes a rmy sig na l co rp s p ho to .) ( NE A Telep ho to .)

American So ciety o f Edito rs Alert Ag ainst Muzzling

Meets ,n Washing to n at Request o f Officials o f Go v ernment



W ashington. Fob. 12.— (A PI The nation’s free press w as pic­ tu red by the president of the A m ­ erican Society of N ew spaper Edi­ tors today as prepared to do every­ thing in its pow er to promote the w ar effort—and a t the sam e time rem aining constantly on gu ard a- gainst any attem pts to “mu zzle u s.” In an address prepared for to­ day's opening session of the so­ ciety's 21st annu al gathering, * B P ““4 lent W. Sr Gilmore of the D etroit News said the meeting had been moved u p from April and shifted from New York “at the requ est of governm ent offic­ ials whose entire effort is tow ard winning the w ar.” He said the problem of how newspapers can best aid tha t ef­ fort is the k eynote of the m eet­ ing. and u rged the m em bers to tre a t in stric test confidence” w hat they are told behind closed doors in conferences with national leaders. Pointing to the su ccess of the nationwide new spaper scrap drive last September, Gilmore said: “T hat was a real dem onstration of the power of the press to arou se the people.” Will See President A t the same time, he reminded the editors tha t the job of “ca rry­ ing the flag for a free and u ntra m ­ meled press” is u p to them. As evi­ dence tha t they are aw are of their responsibility, lie related how some had “opposed ou r coming to W ashington .su specting tha t some­ one in the governm ent might seize on the occasion to mu zzle u s.” However, he said “the directors took a t face valu e the explanation of governm ent officials tha t w hat they w anted w as an opportu nity to tell u s facts tha t can not be print­ ed. bu t which we, in ou r desire to w rite and com m ent on w ar news intelligently, shou ld k now.” F irst of the two-day of-the-rec- ord session w as slated for shortly afte r lu nch with Director Elm er Davis of the Office of W ar In­ formation, and Byron Price, head of the Office of Censorship. L ater in the afternoon, the editors are to confer with President Roosevelt at the W hite Hou se and with Secre­ ta ry Cordell Hu ll at the state de­ partm ent. Some of the editors were ou spok en in their protests at w hat they term ed u nnecessary delay in the release of u nfavorable w ar news. That point, as well as other “news - a t - the - sou rce” su bjects, seemed su re to get plenty of a t ­ tention du ring the afternoon ses­ sion.

Fo ur Eld erly Peo vle Die o f Suffo ca tio n

The high point of Prim e Mmis- I ter Chu rchill’s confident, cxu bcr- i ant w ar review in parliam ent yes­ terday, the one item of u nexpected good news, w as his carefu lly weighed and docu m ented assu ance tha t the allies are not losing the w ar against the su bmarine. O ther points in his recital of re­ cent su ccess and hopes for the fu tu re were pretty well k nown in advance to his world au dience. B u t there has been so mu ch said recently abou t the ominou s ou look in the stru ggle for m astery of the sea lanes tha t it w as a he a rt­ ening su rprise to have him say tha t “progress is being made in the w ar against the U-boat; we are holding ou r own and more limn a d d ing ou r own*. As he said, there has been a re­ cent let down in the U-boat dep­ redations on allied shipping, coin­ ciding with the short and storm y days of midwinter on the N orth Atlantic. Bu t there is no let down in the hard driving preparations on both sides for the show down of the spring and su m m er which m ay determ ine w hether we can cru sh Germ any this yea r or next cr m u st w ait longer. The U-boat w ar goes on clay and night in the fac­ tories and ports of G erm any and the conqu ered lands, where su m arine produ ction is getting pri­ ority over all other phases of w ar ou tpu t, in m aterials, m anpower, transportation. By day and by night it is fou ght by the R A F and the U. S. Air Forces over G erm any and France and Italy. It is a fight for ru le of the seas tha t wou ld be incomprehensible to Nelson or John Pau l Jones— broadsides from fighting craft two miles or more aloft over ta rge ts scores of miles from salt w ate r— bu t it is the battle for sea power- ju st the sam e in a more deadly, all-devou ring form than it has ever tak en before.

* * *

Chu rchill gave the first a u ­ thoritative score in recent months for the competition between sink ­ ings and bu ilding: In the last six m onths the allies have scored a net gain of a million and a qu arter tons, a little better than 200,000

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Success K ansas City., Feb. 12 (AP) Fou r tim es Mrs. S. L. Wilson w ent to a theater to see her son in a Gu adalcanal newsreel. Fou r times she fainted ju st before he appeared on the screen. She tried a fifth theater last night, “and this time my heart w ent to my throa t—bu t stopped there", she said. “I saw him". On the first fou r times, things ju st seemed to go black before Melvin Lee a peared.”

Many Casualties in Civ ilian Industries Fo reseen by Nelso n

WPB Chairman Predicts Further Ratio ning Later in Year

W ashington, Feb. 12— (A P ) Congress had a blu nt w arning from Chairm an Donald M. Nelson of the W ar Produ ction Board to­ day tha t $ w orth cf gu ns, planes, tank s and ships ca not be produ ced this year w ith­ ou t widespread bu siness casu alties in non-essential indu stries, which will lead to fu rther rationing. Nelson was disclosed to have told the senate m ilitary com m ittee in a closed hearing on m anpow er needs tha t the necessity of fu n- neling a net—nf 1.800,000 addi­ tional w ork ers into the mu nitions plants will have seriou s repercu sions on the home front. The contraction of m anpow er in less essential indu stries and a prospective increase of 4,300,000 in the arm ed forces m ay be su ch, Nelson testified, tha t fu rthe r r a ­ tioning m ay be forced even where m aterials are available. “We will have to redu ce the am ou nt of clothing produ ced and it will m ean rationing clothing w ithou t qu estion, even beyond the qu estion of the am ou nt of m aterial which cou ld be spared.'* he told

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'No Sweaters' Edict of Boss to Ladies

Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 12— (A P )— Shall the girls who w ork on the Sik orsk y A ircraft Com pa­ ny's w ar produ ction lines w ear sw eaters, jack ets, or “jeep su its ?” T ha t’s the qu estion being iron­ ed ou t by a m anagem ent-labor shop com m ittee m eeting at the plant this afternoon. The m anagem ent says “no sw eaters”, ascribing its ban to safety precau tions. It enforced the ru le yesterday by sending home with violation slips 53 girls fou nd wearing the forbidden sw eaters. , The girls, along with 22 others who objected to the enforcem ent drive, say no “bu lk y, expensive and u na ttractive jack ets. B u t they agreed last night to retu rn to w ork w earing them while the issu e is u nder debate. The "jeep su it" w as form erly worn by the girl w ork ers on com ­ pany orders. T hat was a natty F rench blu e tw o-piece” ou tfit, with yellow trim m ings. Bu t a f t ­ er the “jeep su its" look ed less and less natty on every trip back from the lau ndry, the m anagem ent perm itted the produ ction girls to wear their own slack s and ja c k ­ e t s —bu t no sw eaters or silk blou ses.

it Siou x Falls, S. D.. Feb. 12 CAP)- Fou r elderly patients died of su ffocation and shock and five other persons were hospitalized last night following fire which sw ept a tw o-story fram e conval­ escent home here. Three of those in the hospita’ are reported in a critical condition.

IND IA N CA SUA LTIES Bombay, Feb. 12— ( A P ) —Sir Reginald Maxwell, a m em ber of the Viceroy's Cou ncil, told the legislative assem bly todav tha t 9 40 perse ns w ere k illed and 1,630 inju red by the police or the mili­ ta ry u p to the end of 19 42, fol­ lowing the detention of M ohandas K. Gandhi last A u gu st a t the s ta rt of the Indian Congress P a ty civil disobedience cam paign.

New Deal, Like Seven Year Itch, Seems to Have Run Course"; Cross

Springfield. 111., Feb. 12.— (A P) Declaring tha t “new dealism, lik e the seven year itch, seems to have ru n its cou rse”, Lieu t, Governm ent Hu gh W. Cross today called on You ng Repu blicans to participate in “mopping-u p oper­ ations on the domestic political front”. “The new deal planners have now planned a new method to cir­ cu m vent the will of the m ajority in order to k eep their own ru bber stam p stooges in power”, Cross said in a prepared lu ncheon ad ­ dress before m em bers of the

You ng Repu blican clu bs of Illinois. "C ru shing defeat of a new deal candidate is rew arded by appoint­ m ent to a high placç in the present scheme of new deal bu reau cracy. Thu s we see a veritable horde of slightly soiled new deal lame du ck s still able to lord it over the plain citizens who solemnly voted to eliminate them from pu blic of­ fice”. Cross u rged the You ng Repu bli­ cans to encou rage "a popu lar u rising against a craftily planned society tha t has been visited u pon u s for the past 10 years lik e a scou rge of locu sts”.

Reds Flank Kharko v o n So uth, Spearhead To ­ ward Dneiper Basin

Moscow, Feb. 12 (A P) B reak ­ ing fierce resistance and sm a sh­ ing into deep G erm an defenses and rank s of reserves, the Red arm y today had stretched two strong arm s arou nd the vital nazi- held D onets basin in sou thern Ru ssia and extended the thre a t to Khark ov, capital of the U k raine, the Ru ssians reported. The longest arm clam ped abou t the Donets coal cou ntry stretches east to west across the top of the basin, 200 miles from positions ju st east of Kam ensk to Lozovaya. in the U k raine on the Khark ov- Crim ea railway. The other arm reaches north and sou th from positions east of K am ensk to Melik hovsk , on the northern bank of the Don river only 21 miles northeast of Novo­ cherk assk . Gen. N. F. V atu tin’s a rm y thu s has driven down tow ard Rostov throu gh a corridor which provides him strong positions from which to move w estw ard against the Donets basin and to hit at Rostov from its sou thern tip at Mclik - hovsk . This arm reaches throu gh Bog- u rayev, 24 miles sou theast of K mensk ; throu gh Meehetny, 10 miles du e sou th of Bogu rayev, 14 miles sou thw est of M eehetny; throu gh Kerchik , 23 miles sou th of Zaitsevk a; and to Molik hovsk . S eize La*1 nf R ailro ad In tak ing B ogu rayev the R u sians seized the last rem aining miles of the L ik haya-Stalingrad railway and a t Kerchik the soviet troops were ju st 19 miles east of Shak ty, an im portant city be­ tween K am ensk and Rostov. Khark ov, principal objective of the Red arm y in the Uk raine, w as flank ed on the sou th by the su prise thru st tha t had carried the northern arm into < Lozovaya, 75 miles du e sou th of K hark ov and only 60 miles from the great Dnie­ per indu strial region to the sou th­ west. Lozovaya‘s captu re cu t the main railway between K jark ov and the Donets basin and the Crimea. It drove a wedge between the two large G erm an arm ies on the sou th­ ern front. From Lozovaya the highly-mo- bile Rod troops offered a new menace to Khark ov. already ' threatened along a 50-mile front to the cast; pointed a spearhead | tow ard the D nieper-Petrovsk elec- i trie power area, and fu rnished another base in the Donets re­ gion from which to point sou th tow ard the Sea of Azov to trap the axis defenders of Rostov. A nother segm ent of the arm y trying to cu t sou th throu gh 'he Donets basin to the Azov shore continu ed fighting in the K ram a- torsk area against heavy German cou nterattack s, the Ru ssians said. This arm y was situ ated abou t 100 miles north of the Sea of Azov and abou t 120 miles northw est of Rostov. Abou t Rostov Red arm y troops were reported tak ing more towns on the railroad line to the north­ east. (Elsewhere in the battle for the Cau casu s it w as reported tha t the Ru ssian Black sea fleet had pou nded Germ an shore positions in the w estern Cau casu s and in fou r days had wiped ou t abou t seven enem y infantry companies.)

Co mp ulso ry Milita ry Tra ining fo r Yo uths Pro p o sed in Co ng ress

W ashington. Feb. 12.— (A P )— Congress today had for stu dy leg­ islation which wou ld provide com­ pu lsory u niversal m ilitary train­ ing for all you ths of the nation after the war. Rep. W adsw orth (R-NY) and S enator G u rney (R-SD) introdu ced alm ost identical m easu res yester­ day to provide that when a you th becomes 18, or within three years thereafter, he shall be indu cted into the A rm y or N avy for a train­ ing period of one year. Upon com­ pletion of training, he wou ld for fou t years be in a reserve statu s and su bject to call for any pre­ scribed refresher cou rse. The W adsw orth - G u rney pro­ posals wou ld become effective six ! m onths a fte r the present w ar ends.

President on Air for 20 Minu+es at 8: 30 This Evening

W ashington, Feb. 12 (AP) President Roosevelt will talk to the nation by radio tonight for the first time since he retu rned three week s’ trip and his historic su rrender" con- Prim e Minister

Jan. 31 from a to Casablanca “u nconditional Terences with Chu rchill. He chose Lincoln’s birthday for the first of two broadcasts on j foreign and domestic affairs, the i second to come Feb. 22 when he I addresses W ashington birthday | dinners to be held in most sties ; to climax a fu nd-raising drive by | the D em ocratic national commit- | tee. Tonight's speech will begin at 8:30 p. m.. Central W ar Time, j and will be abou t 20 m inu tes in | length. W hite Hou se officials I said a wide range of foreign and “home front” developments wou ld be covered. V aried Back drop For his battle front review, the president had as a back drop the developing offensive in N orth Africa u nder the u nified allied com mand of General Dwight D. Eisenhower of the American forces which had an im portant place in the Casablanca confer­ ences: the w arning by W ar Sec­ retary Stimson of possible heavy Am erican casu alties soon in tha t area; fresh agreem ents by high American. Chinese and British leaders for coordinating drives against Japan; and Undersecre­ tary of State Welles' denu ncia­ tion of G erm any’s detention of A m erican diplom ats from Vichy France as International black ­ mail of the cheapest variety. The order to bu siness and in­ du stry to increase the work week to 48 hou rs in labor shortage areas is expected to receive some attention in the president's dis­ cu ssion of “home front” prob­ lems. Among domestic qu estions which he had an opportu nity for stu dy while preparing the speech were the controversies over price and wage controls, equ itable allo­ cation of m anpower for the Army, farm and factory, prospects for additional rationing, need for greater food produ ction, higher goals for mu nitions ou tpu t, and postw ar planning.

Bo d y o f Ba b y Fo und in Pa ck a g e in Po st Office in Chica g o ‘,0 ',ps; the,

3 Jap Destro y ers Sunk, 4 Crippled in So lo mo ns Fig ht

Delay ed News Tells Ho w U. S. Planes Attacked ‘Escape Flo tilla’

B IL L E T IN ' W ashington, Feb. 12 (AP) The Navy reported today tha t Japanese positions a t Mu nda and Kilom bangra had been bombed Thu rsday and large fires started in the ta rge t _ areas. * _______________________ M u nda on New Georgia is­ land is the principal air base m the central Solomons and is 180 nau tical miles northw est of the Am erican airfield on newly conqu ered Gu adalcanal. K olom bangara is abou t 10 miles beyond M u nda and is another enemy air base.

Senate Farm Bloc Organized Today: "To Blow Lid O ff"

( B y Th e Asso cia ted Press > Am erican bombeis and torpedo planes were officially credited to­ day with sink ing three Japanese destroyers and crippling at least fou r others in a dou ble-barreled attac k on enemy warships des­ perately attem pting to evacu ate their troops from Gu adalcanal the first week in Febru ary. Delayed dispatches from the prize island, now completely in A m erican hands after the anni­ hilation of a 15,000-man J a pa ­ nese arm y, said U. S. planes first attack ed 20 destroyers of the Japanese “escape flotilla" near

Washington, Fob. 12. (A P) Farm state senators organized to­ day to enlist pu blic pressu re for higher farm prices and to investi­ gate adm inistration agricu ltu re policies which they contend will cau se food shortages by the end of the year. Chairm an Sm ith (D-SC) of the agricu ltu re com m ittee annou nced tha t a su b-comm ittee had voted to call S ecretary of A gricu ltu re Wick ard early next week as the first witness at hearings which the Sou th Carolinian said wou ld ex­ pose “the peril m which admines- nbscr r r r s


Final Sho wdo wn in No rth Africa May Be Delay ed Weeks

Tunisian Fro nt No w Swept by Rain and Sno w Sto rms

Allied H eadqu arters in N orth Africa. Feb. 12.— (A P )—Unifica­ tion of the allied com m and in N orth Africa cleared the way to­ day for an all-ou t offensive to drive the axis from Tu nisia, bu t bettered bad w eather tiation faim policies ha \e placed ; m ight delay the final showdown ou r food program .” W ick ard will be followed later by heads of every governm ent a ency concerned with the produ tion, transportation and distribu ­ tion of food, here and abroad, Smith said. “The people are fed u p with policies tha t w on’t need them and this com m ittee is ted u p with the habit of saying, ‘Yes. sir, Mr. Boss,’ to every bu reau crat downtown.”

Fea rs Wa r Wo und ed Ma y Rea ch Millio n

m onth or six week s more. Storm s swept rain and snow across most of the Tu nisian front yesterday and commu niqu es issu ed both here and in Cairo disclosed no change in the m ilitary situ ation. Light bombers attack ed enemy targets at Sened, the rail town 20 miles west of M ak nassy which an American task force captu red and then evacu ated last week . The Cairo bu lletin told of patrolling and restricted aerial operations. (The British radio, elaborating in a Reu ters report that British Chicago, Feb. 12— (A P i A na- and French troops had advanced tional su rvey to find enou gh hos­ pital space for the civilian sick and w ar wou nded was recom­ mended today by M au ry Maverick , director of the governm ental di­ vision of the W ar Produ ction Board. With American aim ed forces poised for an offensive, he said, near New Georgia island, Feb. 4. . and with the k nowledge that the

Chicago, Fob. 12— (A P) The body of an infant was fou nd in a pack age in the general delivery room of the main postoffice today and A lbert E. W etm ore, postal in­ spector in charge, said “we m ay have a m u rder case on ou r hands.” The gru esom e discovery was made by Morris Barry, a post- office employe who su mm oned in­ spectors. The body, badly dccom- , posed, was removed to the cou nty morgu e where Dr. Samu el Levin­ son, coroner's physiean. prepared to m ak e a post m ortem exam ina­ tion to determ ine the infant s age and sex. W etmore, m eanw hile notified the postoffice from which the pack age had been mailed in an effort to trace the sender. Postal Inspector E arle K. Jones said the box had been sent by parcel post from Boston, Mass., and arrived here Feb. 6. He re­ ported the box had a sender s nam e on it, bu t he believed it m ay be fictitiou s. It was addrersed to a Chicagoan. The nam es were withheld. A fter a brief examination. Dr. Levinson said the body appeared to be tha t of a boy newly born or no more than a m onth old.

Wilhelmsha ven Und er 7 1 st Atta ck in Nig ht

London, Feb. 12 (A P ) —The G erm an naval base a t Wilhelm- shaven was the target of a heavy attac k by the R A F last night, the Air M inistry annou nced today. Three planes failed to retu rn from the raid, the first night a t ­ tack on the continent since Su day when the su bm arine base at Lorient in occu pied France was attack ed. Wilhelmshaven, an im portant su bm arine bu ilding center, was last attack ed Jan. 27. The a tta c k last night was the 71st of the w ar on the naval base.

American dive-bombers scored three direct hits on one destroy­ er, sink ing it in thr^e minu tes, and two other destroyers were dam aged. Seventeen Japanese Zero fighters, attem pting to screen the warships, were shot down, against 10 American planes listed as missing. Dispatches said the rest of the Japanese destroyers steam ed on tow ard Gu adalcanal and were believed to have evacu ated 1.000 officers and technical personnel. Once again U. S. airm en took u p the assu alt, sink ing two destroy­ ers and dam aging perhaps three or fou r others. E stim ates of Japanese losses in the six-m onths cam paign contin­ u ed to vary, ranging from 20.000 k illed in land fighting alone to 50,000 in the whole land-sea-air action. Took Few Prisoners O rginally estim ated at 15,000 Japanese arm y on Gu adalcanal was heavily rein­ forced. and Maj. Gen. A lexander A. Vandegrift. who com m anded the M arines on the island, said in Philadelphia today tha t the enem y lost 30.000 men in a single landing attem pt. “In m onths of cam paigning”,

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eight miles in the M ateu r sector of the northern front after a dawn attack Wednesday, declared tha t ”a second advance is now in pro­ gress.”) While the British Eighth A rm y maintained pressu re on Field Marshall Rommel by pu shing 20 miles or so into sou thern Tu nisia, rain and mu d continu ed to ham ­ per operations in the north and it appeared u nlik ely tha t any con­ certed large scale action cou ld be attem pted u ntil conditions im ­ prove. Perfect Flan of Action Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, new allied com m ander in chiel, conferred meanwhile with British Middle E ast officers to perfect the plan of action and work ou t the complicated su pply problems involved in any cam paign as large as that which impends. Allied leaders also bu sied them ­ selves with new troop dispositions on the central Tu nisian front, w here fresh British and Ameri- can troops took over m ou ntain Indianapolis, Feb. 12 (AP) i Posts from weary and poorly-

nu m ber of w ar wou nded m y rise as high as 1,000.000, "we m u st conclu de ilist we cannot bu ild enou gh hospitals.” “Therefore we mu st u se all hos­ pital space; we m u st u se all k inds of bu ildings that can be adapted to su ch u se. This will inclu de seaside resorts, mou ntain homes, du de ranches, office bu ildings, spas, fishing lodges, factories, sk i lodges—and it m u st be on a large scale.”

Willk ie Sees Deb t o f $3 0 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 fo r America After Wa r

W endell L. W illk ie said last night

Claims State Dept. Retards Industry

Minneapolis. Feb. 12.— (A P) William J. Hale, research consu lt­ ant for the Don Chemical Co., at Midland, Mich,, charged tha t an “u npu blicized” reciprocal trade proposed with Sou th Am erican nations to destroy all United States synthetic ru bber plants a f ­ ter the w ar was the real reason for relu ctance of m any companies in this cou ntry to s ta rt ru bber produ ction. Speak ing at the annu al dinner of the Minnesota Bank ers' Con­ ference last night. Hale declared tha t the “state departm ent in W ashington is holding back the cou ntry in chemical developm ent” . “We have signed an agreem ent in Sou th America". Hale said, sa ing all plants bu ilt to m ak e syn­ thetic ru bber will be wreck ed a f ­ ter the w ar that is wreck ing the I chemical indu stry for a reciprocal trade tre a ty”.

tha t a $300,000,000,000 debt m ight face the nation when the w ar is over and tha t “I have not heard any practical su ggestions from the adm inistration" for meeting the problem. He told the annu al Lincoln Day banqu et of the W om en’s Repu bli­ can Clu b of Indianapolis tha t the solu tion lay “in expansion and de­ velopment within and w ithou t ou r borders and in the marshalling of all economic forces—agricu ltu re, m anagem ent and capital in har­ mony and cooperation”. “An enormou s mu ltiplication of m ark ets for goods and m anu fac­ tu res of all sorts”, wou ld resu lt, Willk ie asserted, if the United S tates cooperated politically and economically with other nations, trading with them and showing them methods for their own de­ velopment.

WPB Keep s Ha nd s Off Anti-Smo k e Ord na nce St. Lou is, Feb. 12. (AP) The W ar Produ ction Board is tak ing no action on the plea of R epresen­ tative Calvin Johnson of Belleville tha t St. Lou is’ smok e ordinance be su spended to perm it widespread u se of Illinois soft coal.

equ ipped French forces Which had borne the bru nt of Germ an a mored attac k s in Janu ary. Rested and ou tfitted with new A m erican arms, these French forces, com manded in the field by General Alphonse Ju in, are ex­ pected to play an im portant role in allied operations against sou th­ ern Eu rope which are planned for later in 19 43. Bizerle Achilles Heel Their w ithdraw al from the front placed an added strain on allied manpower, bu t it was as­ su med that when the allied of­ fensive in Tu nisia begins the axis forces will be ou tnu mbered. Allied sou rces previou sly have estim ated the combined axis forces in Tu ­ nisia at more than 170,00 men, oJt which more than half are Ger­ m a n—inclu ding air force person­ nel. (Prim e minister Chu rchill yes­ terday told the Hou se of Com­ mons that nearly 500,000 allied troops had been landed su ccess­ fu lly in N orth Africa bu t said the enemy m u st have nearly 250,000 men in Tu nisia.) At present the territoiy held by the axis in Tu nisia consists of a corridor abou t 300 miles long and from 25 to 100 miles wide ex­ tending from Bizerte sou thward to the M areth line. Strong German forces arc A W PB official told the Globe- Dem ocrat “ou r investigation show- k nown to be; gu arding the Bizerte ed there is a ready m ark et, ex- cept in St Lou is, for coal pro­ du ced in the Belleville area and u nder the circu m stances we are j tak ing no action look ing toward | abatem ent of the St. Lou is anti- i smok e ordinance." Johnson argu ed that su spension j of the ordinance wou ld conserve


. . . . . . . ,, railroad transportation now being All attem pts at mak ing ru bber r .. ,. . . , . ¡u sed to hau l in better grade coal from oil, Halo said, have proved a “dam nable flop”, and a $500, 000.000 governm ent fu nd to devel­ op synthetic ru bber- “went into the oilmen’s hands". The oilmen, he ! said, “didn't k now how to m ak e ru bber”. Those of u s who k new how to mak e synthetic ru bber didn’t get a chance—bu t w e’re slowly com ­ ing in”, he said. All su ccessfu l synthetic ru bber form u las are based on alcohol made from farm produ cts, he said.

W. R. Hu rl bu t, Rochelle new spaper correspondent, comes u p with this one: A year ago a robin fell in his back yard with a orippod wing and leg. He taped the leg with white tape and re­ leased the bird Wednesday he saw the rob­ in hopping arou nd in his back yard again, his leg still en­ cased in white tape.

area, which is the strategic Achilles heel ot the axis position. Regardless of w hether Rommel and Col. Gen. von Arnim choose to fight to the last inch or a t ­ tem pt an “orderly evacu ation” from Tu msia they m u st hold Bi­ zerte u ntil the last possible m om ­ ent. Smaller mixed forces of Ger­ mans and Italians are based in the ¡Stax and Gabos areas and ad­ vance forces are holding positions i in the ru gged m ou ntains domin-

j ating the Ou sseltia valley and Fa id Pass against a possible al- I .ed maneu ver to cu t the coastal corridor. The strength of the M areth j lino, at the lower end of the axis ; corridor, is problematical, bu t observers agree that it const.- ! tu tes a considerable natu ral ob- I stacle to the British Eighth I Army.

1 4 Killed in Cra sh o f CR A f Ferry Pla ne

Montreal, Feb. 1 2 —(AP) Eighteen persons were k illed 3 u csday night by the crash of a Royal Air Force ferry command Liberator bomber in Newfou nd­ land. the F erry Com m and an­ nou nced last night. The nam es of the victim s—five crew m em bers and 13 passengers were withheld pending notifica­ tion of relatives.

The Wea ther

Draft Board in Minnesota Comes Up With New Idea in Classifications

FRIDAY. 1ER. 12, 19 13 N orthern Illinois: Slightly w arm er tonight; occasional light snow tonight and Satu day fore­ noon .

LOC AL W E A T H E R F or the 24 hou rs ending at 6:00 p. m, (Central W ar Tu ne) T hu rs­ day: m axim u m tem peratu re 19 , m inimu m 2; clear; precipitation, trace of snow.

S atu rd ay—su n rises at 7:57 (CVVT). sets at 6:32. S u nday—su n rises at 7:56; sets at 6:3 1 .

St. Clou d, Minn., Feb. 12— (AP) Albert P eters Strifes' d raft board cam e u p with something new today in the way o( classifi­ cations. Steffes, 36 and single, isn’t m the A rm y and he isn’t 4-F. The board after trying to su mmon him and getting no response, diseov-

Qua lificd Mecha nics Turned Out With U. S. A. Pla nes b y Curtis board with a complete answer or < w hat to do. It cou ldn’t classify St. I/u is, Feb 12 ¡AP) Tin* him I - A becau se that wou ld mean Cm t -Wright Corporation bu !- he was available foi service. Ob or of \*25 dive-bomber* fu r In* viou .sly he isn't 3-A anil he basn i t S. Army ait forces, is tu rning been disqu alified, so he isn't 4-F. ou t n Arm y mechanic trained aa Anxiou s to have its records a crew chief with each plan« ( it complete, the board finally pu t the assembly line. him in 2-B. That is a class for ered he was a prisoner of the Jan- j men engaged in essential indu s- anesc. He was a civilian employe trial w ar effort. The board fig- on W ak e island when the Ja psi u red that with Steffes a Jap pns- took over. oner he m u st be k eeping some J apj ability to assemble or di Bu t tha t inform ation didn't j gu ards bu sy, which means aidmg the dive-bomber or any of its

The first class of enlisted rtien who previou sly completed 2u to 26 ' T 'k s of training h h mechanic* was gradu ated yesterday with tb*

provide the conscientiou s d r a f t' the A m erican w ar e ffort component pa rt*

Page Tvvö DIXON EVENING TELEGRAPH Dixon, Illinois, Friday, Febru ary 12,19 13 Aeivs of Ch u rch es

GUMS O F THOUGHT MERCY Blessed are the mercifu l: for they shall obtain mercy. —M atthew 5:7. * * *

As freely as the firm am ent em ­ braces the world, or the su n pou .*-; fo rth impartially his beams, so m ercy m u st encircle both friend and foe. Schiller. * # * We cannot, indeed, give like God, hu t su rely we m ay forgive like Him. Sterne. »

All people can and shou ld be ju st, mercifu l: they shou ld never envy, elbow, slander, hate, or try to inju re, bu t always shou ld 4ry~to bless their fcllowmortals. - Mary Baker Eddy.


Even A ft e r H e G a v e Sigh t to Blin d Man , Bigots C a lle d Jesu s a Sin n er

Text: Jo hn 9 :18 -3«

Mercy am o ng the virtu es is like the moon am o ng the stars,—not so sparkling and vivid as many, dispensing a calm radiance that hallows the whole. Chapin. * *

Fo r Mercy, Cou rage,